Boosting business with media acquisition

We provide our clients with the kind of lead media that gets results. The kind that’s up-to-date and fully compliant with the needs of your business, and with all applicable legal conditions. The kind that ensures each sales agent’s time is well-spent when they get on a call.

Gone are the days where you worry about whether the purchased leads your sales team relies on are worth their weight in gold or in dirt. Boom media acquisition ensures that your leads are relevant and timely, thanks to our experienced process of verifying and curating the media we find for your campaigns.

We gather our media from verified and vetted affiliate sources related to your industry, and then we cross-check it to make sure it can work for you. Only then do we pass along the very best leads for action.

Performance-based campaigns

We stake our reputation on the quality of what we deliver, so it’s only natural that we maintain accountability and high performance by focusing on the results, not just bulk data delivery. We tailor each lead generation campaign to zero in on viable deals that you can close.

That’s why we’ve set up our system based on the success rate of the leads we send. Only measurable results are worth paying for! Not every lead is going to convert, of course, but we do everything possible to give your teams the best probability of making a good deal with each one. That way, we both get the most Boom for our buck!

Outbound call prospecting

What if your sales team is already stretched to the limit, and can’t handle any more leads, but you still need to grow? You could hire more team members, and incur all kinds of hiring and setup costs… or, you could let us handle it!

The Boom Agency system includes an array of flexible global contact centers equipped to provide your sales team with an AI-fuelled and human-centered outbound boost that can reach any prospect, anywhere, at any time. With national, nearshore, and offshore facilities, we have options that will work for your brand.

Boom Ai

Boom was founded in 2016.  Our founders have roots in BPO since 2004.  We are a customer acquisition platform that utilizes patented AI technologies and amazing human resources in the Philippines, Mexico, and the U.S



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