Virtual Assistant Power and Benefits for Businesses

  • The virtual assistant role is increasingly important for companies
  • Outsourcing is a normal and important business activity
  • Virtual and regular employees differ only by communication
  • These assistants provide effective back-office support
  • Boomsourcing provides key infrastructure and hiring services

What’s the value of a virtual assistant? Many entrepreneurial companies, especially startups and other small businesses, find that turning to virtual assistants is one of the digital age’s easiest ways to get specific jobs done.

As Normal as Outsourcing Ever Was

No discussion of what a virtual assistant is would be complete without touching upon how outsourcing fits into the wider economy.

In some circles, outsourcing has become a dirty word. People seem not to like the idea. That bias may have been shaped by unfavorable media coverage during recent decades.

The fact is, though, that outsourcing of services is a fundamental business activity. In reality, it’s not that much different than hiring a regular employee in the first place. The reason that anyone ever hires employees is that they can’t do everything that they want to do alone.

So, that’s why companies exist at all. If it weren’t for this system of coordination and specialization, we’d all still be living in caves. No one in the world has time to build up all of the essential survival skills and still become wealthy.

Therefore, we specialize, and we work with other people who specialize in other things.

Virtual Assistant: Like Other Assistants, but Online

A virtual assistant is different from anyone else only in that we connect with them over the internet instead of in person. Even this isn’t that different from a large company with offices in multiple cities. Such firms are used to coordinating between regions over the phone and via email.

In other words, there’s really nothing strange about it. Sometimes, though, it’s helpful for us to evaluate the sources and the reasonability of our visceral reactions to less-familiar concepts.

That brings us to a critical point now. What is it that a virtual assistant actually does?

A Virtual Assistant Can do What You Need Them to Do!

As the name implies, a virtual assistant is somebody who can perform any task that you need to have done. This can be achieved remotely, and delivered via internet connection.

While that may seem to limit them compared to what you can get done in an office, it’s really not. At the end of the day, if you really need a hard copy of something, every office has a printer.

Modern technology has made possible all kinds of communications strategies. We’re to the point where it truly no longer makes a difference where anybody works. As long as the connection is stable, we’re good to go!

That means that virtual assistants can have any variety of talents and skills that are useful to you.

You can outsource any number of marketing tasks, sales development calls, audio transcription, and back office support work. This also includes bookkeeping, customer service, and web design, to name just a few.

The imagination of the employer is the only limit to the possibilities!

How Boomsourcing Makes it Easier

You can hire a virtual assistant individually on a contract or as a freelancer, or you can work with a firm that organizes virtual assistants.

One of the great advantages of working with a company like Boomsourcing is that we provide all of the infrastructure. Freelance virtual assistants have to pony up for those costs themselves. That’s why they generally command higher rates from their clients.

In our case, we’re able to mix the best of both worlds.  Boomsourcing virtual assistants work around the world on behalf of our clients. Some of them work in our concentrated contact centers alongside other agents. Others work from home as needed or desired.

In either case, one of the key benefits we provide for our clients is saving them the human resources trouble. There’s no need to worry about finding and hiring the right virtual assistant because we already have them!

Contact us today to discuss the work that you need a virtual assistant for. We’ll have the right person working for you, fast!

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