Call Center Enhanced with AI technology

Boom call center operations feature a global array of national, nearshore, and offshore facilities that provide the right mix of calling campaign options for any brand. In our contact centers, expert human agents use AI software tools to ensure total compliance with both individual campaign requirements and universal legal standards for outbound calls.

This means that your brand no longer has to worry about consistency: it’s baked in. You no longer have to worry about agents becoming exhausted, tired, lazy, or frustrated: the AI software provides them with exactly the most appropriate responses for any customer interaction. Training is easier than ever before, and so is productivity, with Boom AI!

SMS Outreach with AI technology

Not all customers prefer to talk over the phone. It’s often inconvenient, and sometimes a bit difficult for them to understand what’s being offered. In those cases, Boom offers a more modern alternative as a key part of our outreach Platform, in the form of SMS or Text messaging campaigns.

With both human agents and AI chatbots working together, an SMS campaign can put your brand right in the palms of your customers’ hands to answer their questions and even make sales in the way that’s most comfortable for them.

Email marketing with AI Technology

The internet’s oldest marketing and communications tool is also still one of the most effective ones out there. Now, Boom offers brands and sales teams a powerful way to upgrade this tool for even greater success and reliability.

Boom’s AI platform gives your team the ability to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of every email through custom software that lets you see who’s reading them and for how long, and whether they pass your message along to other decision-makers. Boom AI learns from your messages’ performance and offers suggestions for follow-up, A/B testing, and additional leads. It’s the best way to run an email marketing campaign, bar none!

Boom Ai

Boom was founded in 2016.  Our founders have roots in BPO since 2004.  We are a customer acquisition platform that utilizes patented AI technologies and amazing human resources in the Philippines, Mexico, and the U.S



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