Healthcare Telemarketing: 3 Powerful Growth Strategies

Healthcare companies in the U.S. have a lot of problems to deal with these days. It’s no secret that theirs is a complex industry. Insurance issues, in particular, leave precious little time for things that matter more. Healthcare telemarketing is one of the best ways for providers to get back to their passion. That means saving and improving peoples’ lives.

Let’s take a look at why.

The Harsh Reality: Healthcare is a Business Like Any Other

The coordinating structures and processes of businesses are indispensable. Without them, there would be none of the miraculous products and services we take for granted.

None of the great innovations in healthcare have ever come from anyone working alone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small university research team or a whole corporate R&D department. People must work together to deliver great healthcare.

And that research and those innovations always must come at a fundamental cost. Doctors, scientists, and inventors all need to put food on the table like the rest of us! The equipment they use comes from other producers with the same needs.

It all adds up. For all their noble purposes, healthcare providers still have to run efficient companies. Without considering where their money is coming from, their organizations would fall apart.

It applies the same for profit-seeking companies and nonprofit foundations. Both need income to survive. Income means having paying customers.

So if you’re in this business, like in any other, you need to be asking yourself, “where are my customers coming from?”

Strategy 1: Telemarketing Helps You Reach Out to New Prospects

Many potential customers have no idea that your medical device or new drug exists. Much less would they know how it could help them! Whether you’re appealing to physicians or to patients, the issue is brand awareness.

Telemarketing lets people know about the benefits your work can bring to their lives.

It’s also possible to target outreach better than with traditional advertising. You can focus calls on prospects who express interest in your online content. That way, you’re more likely to find buyers.

Strategy 2: Using Healthcare Telemarketing to Accelerate Sales

That brings us to the next point. Doing healthcare telemarketing all on your own is a huge burden on your organization. Sure, it’s doable, but you will have to face some big overhead costs.

But put aside all the phone, computer, and office space infrastructure. There’s also the matter of organization and specialization. Here’s where telemarketing really shines.

In recent years, cold-calling has gotten less effective. It takes far more calls to reach an eventual buyer than it used to. That puts a pretty big burden on your top salespeople.

The better strategy is letting your sales team split and specialize. One part focuses on sorting through the less interested candidates. When they find someone who might want to buy, they send them up to your top closers.

The trick with that is the matter of all your expert salespeople preferring to be those closers. That’s why having a sales development team is such a big deal.

Our sister company, Boom Demand, builds these kinds of teams for our clients.

Strategy 3: Healthcare Telemarketing is Also About Staying in Touch

It’s important to remember your patients. Healthcare is never a matter of one-and-done. There are plenty of follow-ups to do! Did your device really improve their quality of life? Is the drug working for their patients? Who else do they know who would benefit?

Healthcare telemarketing includes asking these questions. It means finding more ways to earn the trust of the same customers, over and over again. It means enlisting them to help others, too.

Make sure that your telemarketing efforts don’t stop just because someone says “yes.” That would not only mean losing more potential income. It would also mean denying other patients the chance for a better life.

Boomsourcing: Your Premier Telemarketing Partner

Telemarketing matters before, during, and after the healthcare sales process. It’s an important way to make sure you’re satisfying the needs of as many patients as possible. That’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to say that we are telemarketers.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help market your lifesaving work!