Boom AI

Laser Wolf V2

Boom AI is proprietary, hyper-tailored AI designed to have fluid realtime human sounding conversations. 

With over a decade of call center and dialer tech development under our belts we have infused Boom AI with the uncanny ability to initiate or recieve effective and compliant mass communication. 


Platform Features

Any data, any time, anywhere
Transfers per hour (TPH), contact rates & do not call (DNC) are just a few of the critical metrics that you can find in your Boom AI contact campaign dashboard. 

Software Features

AI Powered Conversation

Conversational Voice | Text | IVR Replacement | Warm Transfers

Rapid Training (NEW)

Faster campaign onboarding with optimized A.I. training throughout the campaign.

Background Noise Filter (NEW)

Ability to better distinguish between background noise and the active conversation.

Boom A.I. Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Brain
AI Comprehension Engine

Understands speech responses to thousands of intents and endless phrases via deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence Natural Sounding Voice
Human Voice

Indistinguishable human voice with multiple persona variants. Ability to select unique voices per campaign.

Shared Training

Artificial Intelligence trained from over a decade of call center learnings. The best keeps getting better.

Boom A.I. Transfer Partners
Transfer Partners

The ability to transfer to multiple partners using the same campaign and pitch maximizes continuity.

Boom A.I. Scale Up Robots
Instant Scalability

Dynamic flexibility in outreach hours or amount of AI volume. Imagine 100+ AI reps as needed, instantly.

Boom A.I. Voicemail Detection
Voicemail Detection

Best-in-industry voicemail and silence detection.

Boom A.I. Deep Learning Puzzle Comprehension
Intent Comprehension

Live recognition of disposition during calls coupled with post-call disposition prediction.

Do Not Call

Instant recognition and server logging of any do not call requests.